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-- XinMin Evening News (09-26-2008)
-- Wen Hui Daily (09-26-2008)
-- Jie Fang Daily (09-26-2008)
-- Shanghai Morning Post (09-26-2008)
-- Shanghai Evening Post (09-26-2008)
-- News Times (09-26-2008)

-- Vision of Hope - Elton Jogn & Tim Rice's AIDA Soars with Music, Humor and Life
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-- Musical REVIEW: Aida told as love story with a twist
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-- Rock-scored 'Aida' scores well
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-- Electric 'Aida' delivers high energy
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-- Rock opera stepchild of the '60s
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-- Proctor's a grand setting for the magnificent 'Aida'
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"An appealing soft-rock score by Elton John and Tim Rice. Rice's soulful lyrics are a perfect complement to John's luscious melodies."
-- Time Magazine
"A crowd-pleasing score. Elton John's gift for inviting melodies is apparent here."
-- USA Today
"Elton John's music winningly covers a wide terrain of contemporary pop sounds卆 high-energy theater score that swoons with romance."
-- The Star Ledger
"What you will find is Elton John's lovely melodies, catchy hooks, bittersweet ballads, and delicious harmonies."
-- The New Yorker
"Aida is filled with glorious pop anthems."
-- Detroit Free Press
"This was a magnificent production that the audience rewarded with an unquestioned and spontaneous standing 'O'."
-?The Daily Gazette ?Schenectady, NY
"With big voices, big production numbers and a big set that add up to an audience-pleasing night on the town, the touring production of Elton John and Tim Rice's AIDA received a standing ovation."
-- The News Journal ?Wilmington, DE
"Powerful and moving."
-- Reno Gazette-Journal
"A successful pop-rock gospel update of the Verdi opera, Elton John and Tim Rice's AIDA is a love triangle for the ages."
-- Spokesman Review ?Spokane, WA
"The rock musical by Elton John and Tim Rice reverberates with a restless African beat and intense, soaring vocals. A kaleidoscope of brilliant lighting effects sets the stage on fire while an ensemble of frenetic dancers fan the flames."
-- Grand Rapids Press
"John's melodies are full of surprises and invention."
-- Spokesman Review ?Spokane, WA
"The more quiet moments, which incorporated Middle Eastern and African movements, were beautiful."
-- Reno Gazette-Journal
"Judging by the applause and hoots, the rock score resonates particularly well with 20-somethings. Perhaps a new generation is about to capture theatre."
-- Grand Rapids Press
"Proctor's is a grand setting for the magnificent 'Aida'."
-- The Daily Gazette ?Schenectady, NY
"Those who hold the tragic love stories of Romeo and Juliet and Tristan and Isolde close to their hearts will love AIDA."
-- Reno Gazette-Journal
"This version of AIDA brings a strong contemporary beat to the music, costumes and overall dynamic of the story."
-- The Capital Times ?Madison, WI
"The music was excellent, and the colors, costumes, sets and choreography were dazzling to watch."
-- The Capital Times ?Madison, WI
"Aida has tuneful Elton John melodies, plenty of top-quality performers, a striking set and brilliant lighting effects."
-- Spokesman Review ?Spokane, WA
"Inventively lit and designed, the scenes flow as in a dream."
-- Charleston Post & Courier
"Sets by Neil Patel and lighting by Charlie Morrison were remarkable for their imagination in creating spaces that passed fluidly into the present, past and future."
-- The Daily Gazette ?Schenectady, NY


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