Push Chinese Performing Arts Products to Broadway Together

CAEG and Nederlander United in Beijing

2011-02-25 10:32

On February 16th, 2011, Mr. Zhang Yu, President and General Manager of CAEG and Mr. Robert Nederlander Jr., President and CEO of Nederlander Worldwide Entertainment, as representatives of the two parties, signed a Strategic Cooperation Agreement in Beijing. Two parties will form a global strategic partnership, using their respective advantage, to endorse the development of culture industry in China, and promote Chinese cultural products to the world.


Two Performing Arts Giants Successfully United


CAEG operates on a global scale and is the largest Chinese live entertainment and arts exhibition provider. Between 2004 and 2010, CAEG has exported 630 shows to almost 80 countries in the world for over 33,000 performances, and accumulated audiences of over 70 million. Now is expanding into the management of theatres in China, and its "CAEG Theater Circuit", now owns 30 first-class theaters in prime locations throughout China, they collectively accumulate over 3,000 performances and over 3.3 million audiences a year. During the New Year's, 24 theaters jointly presented 124 shows as a part of the first CAEG Theater Circuit New Year Season, and enriched the local performing arts markets greatly.


The Nederlander family has extensive business experience in the world-wide culture entertainment industry is one of the foremost owners and operators of live entertainment venues and producers of live entertainment in the world.  The Nederlander Organization manages over 30 theatres across the United States and London, including 9 theatres on Broadway.  Over the years, Nederlander produced a number of outstanding productions, as producer, investor, or acquiring the rights; they attracted millions of audiences worldwide, and received hundreds of industry awards.


The outstanding performance of both parties in their respective fields is the foundation of this cooperation. Nederlander Worldwide, as it is actively exploring the Chinese market, recognized CAEG and its abundant resources and brand influence in the performing arts industry in China; and CAEG is looking forward to learn more advanced management expertise from its European and American counterparts through this cooperation, and find new channels and cooperators for the "Culture Going Aboard" strategy. Two parties both expressed the will to use their respective local resources and brand influence to cooperate in different ways in both China and aboard.


Push Excellent Productions "Going Aboard" Together


When you mentioned The Lion King, AIDA, My Fair Lady, Sound of Music, West Side Story and some other familiar and everlasting popular musicals, you have to be amazed by the many great shows produced and presented in Nederlander family theatres.  On the other hand, CAEG has created and invested in scenic opera Turandot, stage show Shaolin Warriors, and multi-media show Era, all of which have accumulated good commercial and brand value. This cooperation means another important step towards its "all-facet of the industry operation" and accelerating excellent Chinese productions going aboard.


As introduced, the first phase their cooperation will be focusing on theater management, circuit operation and training of the theater senior staff. Nederlander Worldwide will provide CAEG Theater Circuit with professional advice and suggestion on different aspects, including market survey, operation evaluation, P&L model analysis, etc. Based on this, it will also assist CAEG in creating programming plans and marketing strategies, clarifying management structure and work flow, and improving its providing system and operation model.


Also, Nederlander will use its expertise in theater management to assist CAEG Theater Circuit to train its management team and staff, including theater operation, lighting and sound techniques, ticketing, marketing, merchandize development, sponsorship tactics and PR, so the operation of its theaters will be improved to an international, professional and standard level, They will bring the best viewing experience to the audience and maximize its profit.


Nederlander will Present Chinese Shows

Another highlight of this cooperation is the cooperation in production operation. NWE will actively explore the possibility of presenting Chinese shows in its theater circuit, using its media resources and marketing expertise, assist Chinese productions to enter the oversea markets, primarily the North America market. Taking advantage of its network and partnerships throughout the world, Nederlander will also assist Chinese productions to enter other oversea markets. This means, performing arts productions, produced by CAEG can use this opportunity to enter major theaters on Broadway and the West End, presented in front of the mainstream audiences in Europe and America. This creates new channels and possibilities for good Chinese productions to enter the key international markets.


Of course, the goal of this cooperation is win-win. Good productions produced by Nederlander can also enter the theaters in CAEG Theater Circuit, so they can be better appreciated and studied by Chinese audiences and professionals. For the building of Chinese culture industry which has just started, this cooperation between CAEG and NWE will bring the management and operation of the whole industry to a new level. This means the state-owned culture agencies are broadening their horizon, accelerating their speed to gear to international standards, which should set up a good and inspiring model for the Chinese performing arts industry that is eager to find a way to "Going Aboard".

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