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"I always believed that in an ideal society, having the opportunity to get out of your neighborhood… and to study something that you are good at … offers the greatest preparation for the competitive world we live in."

- Producer, David De Silva       


A group of vibrant, multi-ethnic, energetic young people gather to audition to study at the School of Performing Arts. This story follows the highs and lows of those bent on making it big in the world of entertainment and achieving their ultimate goal of fame. There are many unexpected encounters and challenges in the path towards their destination and the students go through experiences of confusion, frustration and struggle, yet they never give up.

The many of the show's highlights arrive with its colorful characters. Illiterate, rebellious but talented dancer Tyrone is criticized by the teacher, Miss Sherman, about his care-free attitude towards education and she threatens to keep him out of the Fall Festival if his grades aren't improved; Carmen, a sexy, confident but cocky dancer with a big ego is determined to make it big and is obsessed with Fame. She believes she has what it takes to achieve this; Joe, the comic of the show, fails to act due to his flippancy; Mabel a loud and chubby dancer who is desperate to lose weight but can't resist food; Iris a very talented, graceful ballet dancer who is believed to be extremely wealthy although it is later revealed that she is not….

fame_synopsis_danceThe teachers, Miss Sherman, a strict, old-fashioned and academic English teacher, Ms. Bell, the dance teacher who believes that dance is a way of life, and Mr. Meyers, a laid back drama teacher with an obsession for human psychology, are all passionate and love their students. They guide the students to make their dream come true despite coming down hard on them often.

The four years of study is mixed with the sweetness of love and muddled with confusion. From their ignorance the students develop maturity. The story ends with Nick, an ambitious and enthusiastic actor, playing Romeo on the stage; Schlomo, the son of a famous violinist, composes an exquisite piece of music, Serena, the once shy but enthusiastic girls buds into an excellent actress. At the very end, all but one of the students completes their study, and the students head off in their respective directions, excited about the future. They sing FAME as the finale.

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