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Nederlander Worldwide Entertainment is proud to support the arts and culture of China, as the U.S. presenter of this beautiful piece. The historic cultural event took place on the stage of THE ROSE THEATER in FREDERICK P. ROSE HALL, HOME of JAZZ at LINCOLN CENTER where the already in-demand tickets were distributed by invitation only. This celebrated gift was in AMERICA for two evenings only where it underscored the belief that culture presents the best of who we are as nations.

"THE DREAM OF THE RED CHAMBER, The Dance" was performed by the award-drenched BEIJING FRIENDSHIP DANCE COMPANY in celebration of the CHINESE NEW YEAR which begins on February 7th. Directed and choreographed by the award-winning ZHAO MING, this international inaugural event has been scored by the Academy Award winning composer, SU CONG.

THE DREAM OF THE RED CHAMBER is arguably the greatest book in the canon of Chinese literature, follows the tragic story of love and marriage amongst the three main characters: BAOYU, DAIYU and BAOCHAI, who are the honored scions of a great noble family. Besides the love tragedy, the novel reflects the era's social reality and societal changes as it follows the descent of a typical feudal family. THE DREAM OF THE RED CHAMBER is not only China's greatest literary work, but it is also an important historical and archival treasure in the research of China's ancient official title system, philosophy, culture and social customs. THE DREAM OF THE RED CHAMBER is an all-encompassing integration of the humanities throughout the centuries.

The Dance's hypnotically fluid blend of Chinese traditional and modern choreography presents the evening's narrative in the riveting rhythms of human emotions. The story's high-stake passions and fatalistic emotions are danced against a backdrop of riotous color that can only come from China.

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