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A graduate from the Beijing Dance Academy in Chinese Ethnic Dance, his awards include the Gold Prize in the 1st Lotus Awards China National Dance Competition for Walk, Run Jump, the Gold Prize in the 2nd Lotus Awards China National Dance Competition for Shining Red Star, Best Choreographer Award, and the Wen Hua Award. In 2003 his dance drama Farwell, My Concubine debuted at the opening ceremonies of the 5th Shanghai International Arts Festival and later won him the Best Choreographer & Best Dance Drama Awards at the 4th Lotus Awards China National Dance Competition.


An Academy Award winning composer for Best Original Music for his compositions in the Bernardo Bertolucci film The Last Emperor, Su Cong has won more than thirty awards and has worked with accomplished artists such as Wayne Eagling, Janusz Glowacki, Hans Heuenfels, Masapiro Shinoda, Wim Wenders, Jackie Chan and more. He won the 2nd Prize for the ISCM International Composition Competition in memory of the 100th anniversary of the death of Franz Liszt. He is a graduate with a master's degree in composition from Beijing and Munich. From 1989 to 1991, he gave lectures on music theory and music analysis to the opera directing class of August Everdin and on film & ballet music at the Munich State Musikhochschule. Since 1991, Mr. Su has become a professor of film and media music at the newly founded State Film Academy in the Stuttgart area. He has produced his own music including Chinese contemporary music and European classical music with the Berlin Radio Symphony Orchestra, the Orchestra of the German Opera Berlin, and many more.


Founded in December, 1937 in the Jin Cha Ji region, The Beijing Friendship Dance company is one of the oldest performance troupes in China. For over half a century's time, The Beijing Friendship Dance Company has created many Chinese music and dance master pieces such as "The Long March Chorus." THE DREAM OF THE RED CHAMBER is one of the famous Four Classic Literature Works of China. It has been a dream of the company to dance this love story on stage. The idea began in late 1990's. The choreography started in 2000. After years of hard work the production was completed in 2004.


A graduate from the Beijing Art Academy, he is the principal dancer of Beijing Friendship Dance Company. He was awarded the Gold Prize in China CCTV National Dance Competition in 2005 and Gold Prize in 2006 National Opera, Dance and Music Gala.


A member of the Chinese Dancers Association, she has been honored with many prizes by the Lotus Awards, Wen Hus Awards and Plum Blossom Awards, the Gold Prize in the China National Dance Competition and the Special Achievement Award in the Derlf International Art Competition. Her repertoire includes Ma Zhu, the Ballad of Mountain and Water, the Shadow of Fence, Madam Chrysanthemum, the Boreas and Return of Mu Lan.


Established in 2003, Shanghai City Dance Ltd is the only company in China committed to investing in, producing, and touring dramatic dance productions, musicals and other performance genres, such as FAREWELL, MY CONCUBINE; THE DREAM OF THE RED CHAMBER; MULAN; YANG GUIFEI and SWAN LAKE with Chinese Acrobats. FAREWELL, MY CONCUBINE won six prizes in the Lotus Awards China National Dance Competition, including Best Choreographer, Best Actor, and Best Set Designer, and has been listed as one of the 2005-06 State Important Exporting Cultural Products, issued by the Ministry of Culture of China. In 2004-05, the show toured France and Japan. THE DREAM OF THE RED CHAMBER and MULAN, co-produced by the Sydney Dance Company, premiered at the Shanghai Grand Theatre as the opening of the Shanghai International Arts Festival in 2004 and 2005 respectively. SWAN LAKE has performed over 150 times since it premiered in March 2005. In the last two years, it has toured to Japan, Russia, Ukraine, etc and will be touring Germany, Switzerland, and Austria in the near future. This production has been also listed as one of the 2005-06 State Important Exporting Cultural Products launched by the China Ministry of Culture, and has been elected as one of the 10 State Stage Exquisite Arts Productions in 2006-07. Recently, YANG GUI FEI, co-produced by Tokyo Bunkamura Inc., premiered in Tokyo and Shanghai in 2007.


The SHANGHAI INTERNATIONAL CULTURAL & COMMUNICATION ASSOCIATION is an organization that guides and coordinates the Shanghai international news and cultural cooperation and exchanges of social groups. The Association's purpose is to promote exchange between Shanghai and Hong Kong, Macau, and foreign countries in the news and culture in order to give the world a better understanding of Shanghai while serving the socio-economic construction of Shanghai. The Association's main tasks are: making exchanges in the field of news and culture at home and abroad, including editing, publishing, producing and issuing newspapers, books, video & audio and art, introducing Shanghai to the world; organizing news interviews, inspection and visiting, academic research, theatrical performances, exhibitions, etc.; extensively contacting people in the fields of news, television, culture and academics.; exchanging information, deepening comprehension and promoting friendship; providing advisory and service about culture, expression and communication. The SHANGHAI INTERNATIONAL CULTURAL & COMMUNICATION ASSOCIATION has been actively carrying out news and cultural activities at home and abroad since its establishment in 1994. The Association continuously promotes international cooperation and cultural exchanges and has achieved considerable success.


Eastern Shanghai International Culture, Film & Television Group, Ltd., established in 1992, is responsible for a wide variety of business including: producing feature films, television plays and documentaries; making it possible for foreign film or television producers to create their productions in China; organizing and arranging the logistics for Chinese arts companies to perform abroad and for overseas performance companies to tour in China; and arranging professional groups and individuals to be able to study performance arts abroad. The objective of the company is to promote the friendship and understanding between the people of China and the rest of the World. With years of arduous effort, the company has obtained great achievements in building bridges for exchange of domestic and international film, television and culture. Major film and TV works produced by the company: "Dr. Norman Bethune", "Song of Eternal Sorrow", "Shanghai Red". Cultural Exchange Programs include "Liu Dehua Shanghai Concert", "French Fashion Show MONDI", "Nuclear Whales Saxophone Concert", US Broadway Show: "Porgy and Bess" and more.

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