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"The Dream of the Red Chamber, the dance" - Review

Written by Laurie Lawson

In a profusion of swirling vibrant colors, the Beijing Friendship Dance Company performs THE DREAM OF THE RED CHAMBER, The Dance. Adapted from what is often considered the greatest book in the canon of Chinese literature, this dance was presented to the American audience as a cultural gift in celebration of the Chinese New Year.

And what a gift it was!

Amidst awe-inspiring sets, graceful dancers in breathtakingly beautiful costumes told the ancient story of a son's rebellion against societal requirements for a noble family and his doomed love affair.

With a combination of traditional and modern dance choreographed by Award-winning Director Zhao Ming to the score composed by Academy Award-winning Su Cong, the tragedy unfolds.

The multi-faceted THE DREAM OF THE RED CHAMBER mesmerizes from start to finish with its sheer beauty and richly vivid presentation - a stunning beginning to a New Year and a deeply appreciated gift.


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The Dream of the Red Chamber, the dance Review

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