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The Dream of the Red Chamber On February 8th and February 9th SHANGHAI CITY DANCE, LTD., SHANGHAI INTERNATIONAL CULTURAL & COMMUNICATION ASSOCIATION and the EASTERN SHANGHAI INTERNATIONAL CULTURAL FILM & TELEVISION GROUP in association with NEDERLANDER WORLDWIDE ENTERTAINMENT, LLC presented America and New York's Broadway audiences with the gift of China's first dance company, dancing their award-winning interpretation of China's most revered work of literature, THE DREAM OF THE RED CHAMBER.

"Amidst awe-inspiring sets, graceful dancers in breathtakingly beautiful costumes"
- Electronic Link Journey

"A stunning beginning to a New Year and a deeply appreciated gift"
- Electronic Link Journey
"The dancers' excellent dancing technique, the dazzling lighting, and the smart stage set design, all together, adapted this classic Chinese literature to a dance production on the stage in a tragically beautiful way. The marvelous production blew the audience away."
- Sing Tao Daily
"Dancers illustrated every character's unique personality, destiny and emotions through their outstanding dancing technique, on the marvelous but poetic stage."
- China Press
"Song Li's costume design was colorful and fabulous, especially the design for Madam Jia's crown, which looked as impressive as Gong Li's crown in the movie, Curse Of The Golden Flower."
- World Journal
"After the performance was over, the applause continued for more than 10 minutes. Many audience members, with tears in their eyes, were so deeply touched that they couldn't manage to walk away from the theatre."
- Jie Fang Daily
"(UN Deputy Secretary-General) Migiro told the Journalist from Xinhua News after the performance, 'The performance was fabulous, with very high artistic values. It allowed me to get to know more about the essence of Chinese Culture.'"
- Xinhua Net


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