Taiwan Land Development Cooperation and Nederlander Worldwide Entertainment

Join force on Taiwan Hualien Tulou Project


Taiwan Theater Rendering

At the beginning of the year of Dragon, two old partners who worked together on 42nd Street and AIDA China tour, Nederlander Worldwide Entertainment and Beijing Times New Century , joined force again, signed the "Theater Design Construction and Operation Consultancy Contract" with Taiwan Land Development Corporation (TLDC), regarding its upcoming Hualien Tulou Project.

Tulou Project locates in Huilanwan, Hualien County, the largest county in Taiwan, and it is famous for its natural beauty. Bounded by the Pacific Ocean to theeast and the Central Mountain Range to the west, Hualien County is prominent for its abundant tourism resources, rich culturalheritage, and unparalleled pristine landscape. There are several major aboriginal tribes in Hualien, and the diverse ethnic groups and culture have become one of the key tourism attractions besides the most beautiful river and coastal scenery of the island. 1/3 of Hualien population is Hakkanese. The original Hakka building will be reinterpreted and transformed as a modern artistic performance center to honor and speak for the local culture.

Today, the Taiwan Land Development Corporation is undertaking the Hualien Guanghua LOHAS Creative Park Zone Project (the "Development") to provide premium entertainment options for the millions of visitors to the area and to further invigorate the community by injecting more substantial cultural elements and creativity into Hualien. The current Development plan includes:

• artist workshops

• a medical care park (including a beauty centre, spa and health facilities and medical tourism hotels)

• entertainment areas (including a mall and cinemas)

• a convention forum

• organic farming

• horseback riding

• an eco pond

• residences

• hotels

• a stone craft hall

A critical element of the Development will be The Hakka Art and Performance Centre, a unique state-of-the-art facility, utilizing a design concept which recognizes and honors local culture and tradition through a modern artistic reinterpretation (the "Theatre"). As currently envisioned, the Theatre will have 1,200 - 1,350 seats in a traditional proscenium configuration including fly and orchestra space, allowing for flexible programming including tourist style productions, comedy, classical, dance and Broadway musicals.

TLDC reached out to Nederlander and New Century's assistance on the theater project. Nederlander will provide its expertise to revise and improve the existing theatre design, provide theatre management and programming expertise. The goal is to build a solid foundation for the future cooperation on theater operation and show production.


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