Qinhuang Grand Theater - Xi'an, China

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The Qin Culture Tourism Resort Area, invested and developed by Shaanxi Jiuzhouyinghong Enterprise Development Co. Ltd, has the honor of being in a very unique location.  This new resort area will be located right outside the Eighth Wonder of the World-the Terra Cotta Warriors and Horses Museum.

The Qin Culture Tourism Areas has an advantage of the resources provided by the international brand of the Terra Cotta Warrior and the natural beauty of the Li Mountain Area whiling basing its economic model on the Qin Culture Tourism and Service Industry.  It then blends in the ecological folk culture in the Guanzhong Plain to create a resort for cultural experiences, country and outdoor life, and attractive location for future conventions.

The Qin Culture Tourism Resort Area is highly compatible with Shaanxi Provincial and Xi'an Municipal government's Twelfth Five Year Plan, to grow Xi'an into an international cultural metropolitan, and a one-stop destination for Qin-Tang culture tourism in China.

China's First Emperor is a large-scale music and dance show created by Shaanxi Qinhuang Grand Theater Performing Arts Company, a wholly owned subsidiary of Shaanxi Jiuzhouyinghong Enterprise Development Co. Ltd. It is the first stage production in the world to demonstrate the history and civilization of Chinese Qin Dynasty. Aiming at praising and interpreting Qin Culture, this production will become the core culture brand of Chinese Terra Cotta Warriors tourism resort.

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Zorlu Center Performing Arts Center - Istanbul, Turkey

Zorlu Center Rendering

Nederlander Worldwide Entertainment (NWE) joins forces with Zorlu Property Group, most widely established conglomerates in Turkey and Europe, in the creation and development of a performing arts center complex at Istanbul's Zorlu Center. Zorlu Center Performing Arts Center, will be comprised of two theatres (one seating 2,300, the other 770)on 50,000 square meters construction area, making this Istanbul's largest multi-purpose performing arts center. Following its highly-anticipated opening in 2013, the performing arts center will play host to concerts, dance performances, art exhibitions, auctions and Broadway musicals. Developed by Zorlu Property Group, Nederlander Worldwide Entertainment will oversee design, construction and programming.

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Hakka Art and Performance Centre - Hualien, Taiwan

Taiwan Theater Rendering

The Hakka Art and Performance Centre, a unique state-of-the-art facility, utilizing a design concept which recognizes and honors local culture and tradition through a modern artistic reinterpretation. As currently envisioned, it will have 1,200 - 1,350 seats in a traditional proscenium configuration including fly and orchestra space, allowing for flexible programming including tourist style productions, comedy, classical, dance and Broadway musicals.



In November, 2009 Nederlander and Eastern Shanghai International Culture Film & Television Group established a joint venture in order to manage and operate theatres in Shanghai. The first such theatre is the Shanghai City Theatre, located in Shanghai's Minhang District. Minhang District is a popular residential area of Shanghai rich in history and known for its education and sports establishments, advanced technological industries, and Qibao Old Town (a section of the city 1,000 years old). The first production to be performed at the new Shanghai City Theatre was a tour of FAME-The Musical, produced by Nederlander Worldwide.


Shanghai City Theater - Minhang District, Shanghai

Shanghai City Theater


The second theater managed by Eastern Shanghai Broadway Management Company is Taicang Grand Theater, located in Taicang, Jiangsu.

Taicang Grand Theater - Taicang, Jiangsu

Taicang Grand Theater




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